The Best Lee Breech Lock Challenger Kit Review in 2024!

The Lee Breech Lock Challenger Kit is an excellent beginner’s kit for reloaders who do not want to spend too much to find out if they are into reloading. It is a very budget-oriented kit that includes the most fundamental items you will require for reloading. 

This kit costs at least $150 to $200 less than any other reloading kit available in any market. (Don’t take my word, see for yourself an “Amazon comparison”).

This article will provide the best LEE Breech Lock Challenger Kit Review, without bias and present my Honest Opinion.

Lee has put together 3 reloading kits with just this one reloading press and each has their particular set of reloaders. But more on that letter let’s first find out what each of these reloading kits have.

  1. Lee 50th anniversary breech-lock reloading kit,
  2. Lee breech lock challenger reloading kit &
  3. Lee 60th anniversary Breech lock reloading kit.
Type50th Anniversary KitChallenger Kit60th Anniversary Kit
Lee Breech Lock Reloading PressIncludedIncludedIncluded
Breech lock quick change die bushing1 included1 included1 included
Priming systemLarge and small safety primerLee Auto Prime XRLee Auto Bench Prime
Case TrimmerLee Value TrimmerLee Value TrimmerLee Deluxe Quick Trim Case Trimmer
Lee Cutter and Lock StudIncludedIncludedIncluded
Powder Measure Lee Perfect Powder MeasureLee Perfect Powder MeasureLee Deluxe Perfect Powder Measure
Lee Chamfer toolIncludedIncludedIncluded
Lee Safety Powder ScaleIncludedIncludedIncluded
Lee Powder FunnelIncludedIncludedIncluded
2 oz Tube Lee Resizing Case TubeIncludedIncludedIncluded
Powder funnelIncludedIncludedIncluded
Primer Pocket cleanerBoth Small & Large Both Small & LargeBoth Small & Large
Lee Auto Prime Shell holderNot required because it primes on the pressSet of 8 (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 11, 12 & 19)Set of 11 (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, & 19)
Reloading GuideNot IncludedNot IncludedModern Reloading 2nd edition.

If you have been reading about reloading then you will realize that some must-have items are excluded from all these kits, such as reloading manuals, tumblers, consumables, etc. But that’s because those are kind of subjective choices, and are usually excluded from most reloading kits.

If you are unsure about which reloading manual you should get then get Sierra 6th edition (find out why). Choosing a tumbler is kind of a tough decision because of so many choices, but fear not, I got you covered.

With the kits itemized, it will be easier to review the items in an order.

Lee Breech Lock Challenger Reloading Press

The Frame of the Press

The Lee Breech Lock Challenger Reloading Press is light to handle because of its aluminum alloy build, but that does not compromise its durability. Some say it flexes more than iron but, I think not. 

It’s an ‘O Frame’ press, that channels the applied pressure equally, which increases durability, while at the same time giving plenty of access to the reloader to visually operate on the reloading case. It has an opening of 3.75 inches which can accommodate 0.905 25ACP to 3.750” 460 Weatherby.

Lee Breech Lock Challenger Kit Review

Lee has also included a quick die-changing system with its breech-lock die-changing system. With the breech lock, you can change dies with just a quarter twist if the die is already set to the right length.

For setting up you can follow these instructions.

The Ambidextrous Handle

The handle is attached to high-quality “T type” aluminum linkage, and by design the handle is ambidextrous. The aluminum linkage also provides plenty of leverage for tough tasks like full-length rifle case sizing and neck expansion.

The Ram

The ram of this press is also made of quality material and has a stroke of 3.5 inches. The hollow ram also acts as the spent primer channel to collect all the spent primer in the primer tube. The ram is also designed to enable on-press priming for reloaders who prefer that.

Major Items 

This section is about items that cost about $30+ OR have a major role in reloading.

Lee Safety Powder Scale

The lee beam scale is made of plastic with an aluminum alloy base. The accuracy of these kinds of beam scales depends on the beam, and for Lee, it is made of tough phenolic, which is brittle but will never bend under continuous use. This makes this scale very accurate & trustworthy. The simple setting is also beginner-friendly. But it is slow, it’s like trading speed for accuracy. You can always keep one to determine if the digital scale is weighing accurately. 

Perfect Powder Measure

The Lee Perfect Powder Measure is cheap but has quality and accuracy. Where the beam balance decreases the speed of powder measure this powder thrower picks it up and balances it out, in terms of speed and accuracy.

lee Parfect Powder Measure

New Auto Primer

Lee Breech Lock Challenger Reloading Press has an on-press system, even then within the reloading kit, you will receive the New Auto Primer, which is not auto. But it does its job, which is to seat primer, quite satisfactorily. But you will require a specially made shell holder (included in the kit) for this hand priming tool. I have a detailed review for this primer, check here

Lee auto primer hand priming tool

Other Items of the Kit

  • The Chamfering tool is very small hence you will have a harder time having a proper grip on it.
  • The primer pocket tool is a decent tool and performs a satisfactory job.
  • Sizing Lube, does its job, don’t waste it, but get a better one once finished.
  • Powder Funnel – like any other powder funnel.

Unique to only LEE reloading Kits.

Lee has always provided a case trimmer along with their single-stage reloading kits. In this reloading kit, you get the value trim case trimmer and Deluxe quick trim case trimmer in the case of the 60th-anniversary reloading kit. But you will need to buy a caliber-specific quick trim die. With that, you can set it up on your reloading press and begin trimming. it’s quite accurate but not so reloader-friendly.

lee Value trim case Trimmer

It also includes a cutter and lock stud, which can be used with an electric drill or by hand. However, you will need to order the case length gauge separately. I usually went with the reloading press case trimmer instead of the cutter and lock stud.

I have not found any reloading kit that includes any kind of case trimmer besides Lee, It is a nice edition and if you have very few cases, then you won’t need to go for an expensive case trimmer.

Essential Items Not Included in the Reloading Kit

There are some essential items that are not included in this reloading kit. Some are justifiable but others are a must-have.

A reloading manual is a must we have already suggested Sierra 6th edition. Find out why Sierra is my favorite

A case-cleaning tumbler is justifiable because it would significantly increase the cost and is usually avoided in all reloading kits. Choosing a tumbler can be very subjective but trust me and click -> Ultrasonic Vs Rotary Vs Vibratory Tumblers.

Next, you must have a caliper, digital or dial is your decision to make but in my opinion, get a digital one.

A bullet puller is a must-have item because eventually, every reloader makes mistakes.

The Lee Breech Lock Challenger Kit Review in Short.

To summarize, this reloading press is an excellent low-cost entry-level reloading kit. It has most of the must-have items. And on top of that, this one is the cheapest reloading kit that will give you quality outputs.

Kit(s) review in summary:

  1. Affordable Reloading Kit.
  2. The press has a quick die change bushing system.
  3. The spent primer handling & removal are excellent.
  4. Includes a case trimmer that can be mounted on the press.
Lee Breech Lock Challenger Press –
The breech lock quick die change system –
Depriming channeling system
Lee Breech Lock Kit 
Lee Resizing LubeNo Reloading Block
Lee Case TrimmerOnly one Breech lock quick changing die.
 Analogue powder measure scale

An affordable beginner reloading kit for reloaders who want to begin reloading but are not so sure about it.

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