CVLIFE 2.5-10x40e Red & Green Illuminated Scope Review

Finding the right scope can dramatically improve your shooting accuracy and overall experience. The CVLIFE 2.5-10x40e Red & Green Illuminated Scope is a versatile option that has garnered attention for its unique features and affordability. In this in-depth review, we will cover its specifications, design, optical performance, user feedback, limitations, and overall value.


The CVLIFE 2.5-10x40e scope offers several notable specifications:

  • Magnification: 2.5-10x
  • Objective Lens Diameter: 40mm
  • Field of View: 34.5 feet at 100 yards (2.5x) to 11.5 feet at 100 yards (10x)
  • Tube Diameter: 1 inch
  • Reticle: Mil-dot Reticle with red and green illumination
  • Length: 8.5 inches
  • Weight: 1.34 pounds
  • Material: High-strength aluminum alloy
  • Finish: Black matte
CVLIFE 2.5-10x40e Red & Green Illuminated Scope Review

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Optical Performance

The CVLIFE 2.5-10x40e scope boasts excellent optical performance, with fully multi-coated lenses that provide clear, bright images. The illuminated reticle enhances visibility in low-light conditions, making it easier to acquire targets quickly. The variable magnification allows shooters to adapt to different distances, providing flexibility for both close-range and long-range shooting.

Magnification: 2.5-10x

The CVLIFE 2.5-10x40e scope provides variable magnification from 2.5x to 10x, catering to a range of shooting scenarios. At the lower end (2.5x), it offers a broad field of view, ideal for close-range targeting and quick scanning. The higher magnification (10x) allows for detailed, long-range targeting, perfect for precision shooting and hunting.

Objective Lens Diameter: 40mm

The 40mm objective lens diameter is significant for light transmission and image clarity. A larger objective lens, like the 40mm on this scope, ensures that more light enters, producing brighter and clearer images, especially in low-light conditions. This feature is essential for dawn or dusk hunting and other low-light shooting scenarios.

Field of View: 34.5 feet at 100 yards (2.5x) to 11.5 feet at 100 yards (10x)

Field of view (FOV) is a critical aspect that determines the width of the visible area through the scope at a specific distance. The CVLIFE 2.5-10x40e offers an FOV ranging from 34.5 feet at 100 yards at 2.5x magnification to 11.5 feet at 100 yards at 10x magnification. A wider FOV at lower magnifications aids in quick target acquisition and situational awareness, while a narrower FOV at higher magnifications allows for precise aiming at distant targets.

Reticle: Mil-dot Reticle with Red and Green Illumination

The Mil-dot reticle in this scope is versatile, providing multiple aiming points for windage and elevation adjustments. The red and green illumination options enhance visibility in various lighting conditions, allowing for quick reticle acquisition even in low-light environments. This feature is particularly useful for hunting at dawn or dusk and for target shooting in shaded areas.

CVLIFE 2.5-10x40e Red & Green Illuminated Scope Review

Material and Design

Material: High-strength Aluminum Alloy

Constructed from high-strength aluminum alloy, the CVLIFE 2.5-10x40e scope is built to last. This material choice ensures durability and resistance to harsh environmental conditions, including moisture, dust, and rough handling. The aluminum alloy also keeps the scope lightweight, enhancing portability without compromising strength.

Length: 8.5 inches

With an overall length of 8.5 inches, the CVLIFE 2.5-10x40e scope is compact, making it easy to handle and mount on various firearms. Its shorter length contributes to better maneuverability, ensuring that the scope does not overly extend beyond the firearm, which can be crucial during fast-paced hunting or shooting activities.

Tube Diameter: 1 inch

The standard 1-inch tube diameter is common among many scopes and facilitates compatibility with a wide range of mounts. This diameter size is known for its balance between durability and weight, offering ample space for internal optics and adjustments without being overly bulky.

Weight: 1.34 pounds

Weighing 1.34 pounds, this scope is slightly heavier than some other models, reflecting its robust construction. The weight adds to its stability and helps absorb recoil, which can be beneficial when used with high-caliber rifles. However, it’s still light enough to prevent significant fatigue during extended shooting sessions.

Finish: Black Matte

The black matte finish serves both functional and aesthetic purposes. It reduces glare and reflections, helping to maintain a low profile during hunting or tactical operations. Additionally, the matte finish provides a sleek and professional appearance, appealing to shooters who value both performance and style. This finish also offers extra protection against scratches and wear, ensuring the scope remains in good condition through rigorous use.

Mounting and Compatibility

The scope includes 20mm free mounts, making installation easy and secure. It is compatible with a wide range of firearms, including rifles and air guns. The robust mounting system ensures the scope remains stable, even under heavy recoil, maintaining its zero through repeated use.

User Experience

Users have praised the CVLIFE 2.5-10x40e scope for its clear optics, ease of use, and affordable price. The illuminated reticle and variable magnification are often highlighted as standout features. However, some users have noted that the scope can be slightly heavy, which may affect balance on lighter firearms.


While the CVLIFE 2.5-10x40e scope offers numerous benefits, it is essential to consider its limitations. Some users have reported that the scope’s weight can be a drawback, particularly for those using lightweight rifles. Additionally, the eye relief may be limited at higher magnifications, potentially affecting comfort during prolonged use.

Value for Money

The CVLIFE 2.5-10x40e scope is an excellent value for money, offering features typically found in more expensive models. Its durable construction, clear optics, and versatile reticle make it a cost-effective choice for shooters looking for a reliable and affordable scope. The added benefit of red and green illumination enhances its value, providing functionality across various lighting conditions.

CVLIFE 2.5-10x40e Red & Green Illuminated Scope Review

The CVLIFE 2.5-10x40e Red & Green Illuminated Scope is a robust and versatile option for shooters seeking a quality scope at an affordable price. Its combination of clear optics, durable construction, and user-friendly features makes it suitable for various shooting applications. Whether you are a seasoned shooter or a beginner, this scope provides the performance and reliability needed for a successful shooting experience.

CVLIFE 2.5-10x40e Red & Green Illuminated Scope Review
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