What Gun Safe Should I Buy?

What gun safe should I Buy, was the first question I had to answer myself while buying my first gun safe. Though the answer was wrong; I learned a lesson back then. Buying a gun safe can become overwhelming given the number of choices we have currently in the market. But the answer is simple given the scenarios.

Short on time? If you have no problem with space and budget, then go for a medium gun safe with a fair degree of fire resistance. 

1st Scenario – Personal Protection

If you only use handguns for personal safety, and you have a few boxes of extra ammo then you will need a small gun safe.


  1. Portability: Small gun safes are typically lighter and more compact than larger ones.
  2. Cost-effective: Small gun safes are generally less expensive than larger ones.
  3. Space-saving: Small gun safes take up less space, which is particularly beneficial if you have limited space in your home or apartment.
  4. Concealment: Small gun safes can be easily hidden in a closet, under a bed, or in a corner, making them more difficult for thieves to find.
  1. Easy to install: Small gun safes are typically easier to install.
  2. Easy to use: Small gun safes generally have simple locking mechanisms, such as key locks, combination locks, or electronic locks, which are easy to operate.


  1. Portability: Can be easily stolen.
  2. Future Addition: You will not have space for other guns you may buy in the future.
  3. Less Protective: Usually have very less to no fire resistance.

If your needs fall in this category and after weighing the pros and cons you plan to proceed with a small gun safe then the next step is to find the perfect one you may need. I might be able to help you find that.

2nd Scenario – End of the Days Protection.

You are a gun holder and take your safety very seriously, and deep inside you are sure that sometime in the very near future you will be rewarded for thinking ahead. Then you will need a big gun safe.


  1. Portability: It will be very difficult to steal or move.
  2. Extra storage space: Space for all the guns you have and for guns you will be buying in the future.
  3. Amazing locking mechanism: Advanced security features such as multiple locking mechanisms, pry-resistant doors, and fire resistance.
  4. Valuables: You can keep important documents or jewelry in the safe as you have unused space.


  1. Portability: Quite heavy and difficult to move around, which may make it difficult to reposition or relocate.
  1. Space consumer: Take up a lot of space, which could be a problem if you have limited space in your home.
  2. Not Budget Friendly: It can be more expensive than smaller safes, which can make it less affordable.
  3. Professional Installer: Difficult to install and mount if you don’t have the right tools or expertise.
  4. Rise in utility bills: It may use more energy to power its locking mechanisms and other features, which could increase your utility bills.
  5. Attention grabber: Does not blend in with the surroundings unless installed using professionals.

Big gun safes are more secure and protective, but they also bring new dangers and unwanted curiosity. But if this is the type of gun safe that suits your need, then find out which one best complements you.

3rd Scenario – The Middle Ground

If you are looking for the middle ground for gun safes, then I’m sure in the future you will need a bigger safe. But for now; let’s find something that fulfills the hunger without making a bottomless sinkhole in the budget.

The middle ground for gun safes has a huge range. There are safe that can be easily stored in the house and protects a few guns, to something a bit bigger to store about 5-35 guns (including handguns).

These safes can’t be judged with simple pros and cons like previous types, just because it’s not one type. The small ones are portable and easy to care for, some even have little fire resistance. And the big safes are pocket breakers with high-end security and natural disaster proof – like flood, earthquake, or fire tornado. 

Medium Size Gun Safe

Hence I can only guide you on what to look for when buying this kind of safe. Call it a guide or check box.

  1. Make sure to buy a safe that can hold 2 more firearms than you already have. One of the most important steps.
  2. Get fire-resistant – even if it’s the least one.
  3. Solid construction – thick protective plates about 15 gauge or thicker (the lower the gauge number the thicker).
  4. Get rust protection – some sort of dehumidifier or a pouch for silica gel.

Some bonus check boxes.

  1. Have at least 2 types of unlocking mechanism
  2. have dedicated space for handguns.
  3. Adjustable shelve to accommodate guns of different sizes.

If you are not buying a gun safe for a single handgun then the guide applies to you.

So, What Gun Safe Should I Buy?

From my personal experience, If you own more than 3 handguns then it’s better to get a median-sized gun safe to store your guns, valuables & documents. Or you can get a small safe that can hold a few handguns. 

But these safes can’t usually be placed in the bedroom, so you might want to invest in a quick-access bedroom gun safe for emergencies at night. 

what gun safe should I buy
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