The Best Redding T7 Turret Press Review

If you are looking for a stable, durable, and trustworthy, turret press, then you have come to the right place. This Redding T7 Turret Press Review will prove to you why you can trust this press for your precision reloading at a higher speed. But if you are short on time, then check out what makes it The T7.

Quick Glance of Redding T-7


  1. Durable cast iron build.
  2. Stable upon applied pressure by the ram.
  3. Very little standard deviation between rounds.
  4. Outputs precision rounds – holds 2003 record for 1000 yards world record.
  5. 7-station turret head for 7 operations.
  6. Interchangeable turret head – for multiple caliber shooters.
  7. On press priming and depriming assembly.


  1. Non-ambidextrous ram handle.
  2. The 2nd most expensive turret press.
  3. The press comes with a smart primer arm.

Positive impressions

As you may have noticed the advantages out weights the flaws. And in this section, you will find my practical experience with the Redding T-7 Turret Press. I’ll go into the pros and try to elaborate.

Heavy-Duty Cast Iron Build

The T-7 frame, linkage, turret head, and other parts are made of durable cast iron. And as you know cast iron structures have stood the test of time over and over again. But due to this cast iron configuration, the frame is heavy. And it’s not like you are going to move it around every 30 minutes.

Some may argue the indexing spring and ball wear out over time, in my 6 years of experience with this turret, I still can’t agree with that statement. 

Redding T7 Turret Press Review

Stable on Applied Pressure

The stability is directly linked with the precision of rounds made. Usually, we put the most pressure on any turret head when we full-length size rifle cartridge. And if the applied pressure by the ram destabilizes the turret head then you will have variation in round quality and accuracy. Hence to stabilize the heavy turret head they have designed back support behind the turret head to normalize the pressure produced by the stroke of the ram.

Precision Reloading – and Standard Deviation

Precision rounds are a result of the stability and solid build of the reloading press. And in 2003 benchrester Kyle Brown used the Redding’s T-7 turret reloading press to set the 1000 yards world record. And had a standard deviation of the bullet grooves in the single-digit (4.2″) Group.

Interchangeable Turret Head with 7 Stations.

The 7 stations usually meet all the steps one might need for reloading any type of brass. Cycling between stations is easy with the provided indexing handle which has 3 inserting positions. And all the stations are of standard 7/8″-14 threaded dies and universal shell holders.

If you are just one type caliber shooter type then that’s enough. But to be honest, it’s very hard to find shooters who are into reloading and have only one caliber type of firearm. 

Redding t7 turret head bushing

Hence team redding had designed interchangeable turret heads for people who would load multiple types of ammo with their reloading press. And they made switching between these extra turret heads easy. Because no one likes unnecessary complications.

Ram Stroke

The ram stroke is just 3.4 inches (or 86.36mm), which is small compared to other turret reloading presses. But I had no problem reloading my 5.56 cases and most modern rifle cartridges will also not face any problem. But you should check if you use any specific kinds of caliber and in doubt if it can be reloaded by Redding T7.

Priming and Depriming.

The depriming system is 100% effective and collects all the spent primer in a tubular primer configuration, which can be cleaned whoever necessary. Setting up the depriming system is simple and the instructions are clear.

The Redding T7 comes with a smart primer arm, which enables on-priming. Though this process makes priming time-consuming and handling primers with bare hands. But it is included nonetheless.

Negative Impressions

The Redding T7 is an amazing press but it does have some flaws which can be a major issue for some reloaders and some may just overlook.

Non-Ambidextrous handle

This can be a major issue for lefty reloaders, as the handle is non-ambidextrous. But the handle is ergonomic to hold because the ball fits perfectly in the palm and the 14″ handle makes it effortless to size the brass cases.


The Redding T7 is the 2nd most expensive turret press in the market. Even though it is expensive, it makes it up for the quality of rounds produced and the precision of reloading.

On-Press Priming System – Indexing Handle

The Smart Priming Arm is kind of a relic of the past when it comes to turret presses, but the T7 still comes with it. Fortunately, an upgrade to an Imperial Redding Slide Bar Automatic Primer Feeder is available and it greatly increases the reloading speed. But this priming setup needs to be bought separately adds to the already expensive turret press.

Redding on-press Priming

But if you do end up installing the Imperial Redding Slide Bar Automatic Primer Feeder it gets in the way of the indexing handle. That’s a small problem but you can always use a hand/bench primer. And in my opinion, a portable hand primer is better than one that keeps you stuck to the table. 

Redding T7 Turret Press Review Summary.

The Redding T-7 is a heavy, durable, stable, and accurate turret reloading press. The 7 die stations can meet most operational needs of reloaders and sometimes can accommodate dies for 2 different types of caliber in a single turret head. But if you want to retain the die settings then buying additional turret heads is the fastest way to go. 

In my setup, I removed the priming system and use my Frankford Arsenal Perfect Seat hand primer. which speeds up my reloading and perfectly seats my primers.

I use this press as an upgrade to single-stage press and run one operation on all my cases before I index to the next station and begin that operation. This way when I use my powder measure to charge my cases, I only have vertical movements and no horizontal movements just like a powder measure stand.

Finally, this is high-quality reloading equipment you should expect it to be expensive. But the price is more than paid for because of its accuracy. As at times, accuracy can be the decision-making factor in handloading.

And with that, the Redding T7 Turret Press Review ends. But there is some useful information below that may be handy in making the final decision.

Setting up the Redding T7

Setting up the press is easy because it comes all set up in the delivery package. All you will need is to screw in the handle. And mount it on a table or on a mount with 4 * 5/16″ screws separately. The setup time is around 20 minutes if you have all the materials you may need.


  1. Always be careful with the placement of the turret head, it is very durable but it is susceptible to scratches and gouging. And try not to drop it from a height.
  2. The handle jam nut goes under the toggle and is not like usual.
Redding T7 Bolt Pattern
  1. if you have multiple turret heads then always be careful not to change the turret head bushing, because the bushings are specific to the turret heads for their accuracy.
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