The First RCBS Rebel Vs Rock Chucker Supreme Review

Here we present the ultimate showdown between the RCBS Rebel Vs Rock Chucker Supreme. And find out what has been improved and changed since the legendary rock chucker.

We all know the Rock Chucker Supreme, some of us have begun reloading with this single-stage press and still using it to this day. Its simple design, durability, and accuracy made it the standard other manufacturers had to outperform to even compete in the market. Read the full review here and get to know the Legendary Rock Chucker Supreme.

And in 2020 emerged the Rebel Press, a new Single-Stage reloading press by RCBS. It has similar but updated or upgraded fantastic features. Find out more about the Rebel in this article here.

Today we are here to make the ‘Veteran’ Rock Chucker compete with the ‘Young’ RCBS Rebel Single Stage Press. And find out who makes it to the top position. 

RCBS Rebel Press Vs Rock Chucker Supreme side by side Features Comparison.

RCBS Rebel vs Rock Chucker Supreme

The Differences

RCBS Rebel PressRCBS Rock Chucker
Case Opening4.5 inch4.1 inch
Weight22 lbs or 10kg18 lbs or 8.2 kg
Base plateWide base & LeveledMultileveled and narrow
StabilityMore stableStandard stability
On press primerAbsentPresent
Spent primers channeling systemThrough the ram, exits at the bottomThrough the ram, exits at the middle of the ram.
Spent primers catching efficiencyCan be collected directly in the bin (100% efficiency)Spent primer catcher tray, efficiency decreases as it gets filled
Lubrication systemZerk fittingStandard system
UpgradationNone (yet!)Can be upgraded with piggyback 4 to make a manual progressive press.
Convinced Yet?Check Out the Rebel PressCheck Out The Rock Chucker

Those were the main differences between the presses, One unique feature the Rebel has over rock chucker is that the Rebel has a wide flat base around the shell holder for comfortable case operation. But, some similarities exist between the presses as well. Such as;

  • Both the presses are of US Origin, are of similar design principles, and have some heavy-duty cast-iron frames, resulting in their durability and weight.
  • Ambidextrous handle – RCBS has always kept the Ambidextrous handle design and it’s a good design that did not require an upgrade.
  • They both have very tight tolerances for accuracy and standard deviation between rounds, making them both reliable reloading presses.
  • They both use the same standard 7/8 – 14 bushing threading for die.
  • It is not equipped with any quick die-changing mechanism. But, can be upgraded to either Hornady Lock-N-Load die bushing system or Lee Breech Lock Die Bushing.

RCBS has compiled some starting kits for the new rebel press and they are quite extensive in helping out a beginner reloader with all the starting tools that are required for reloading. Few notable mentions the kits include are Uniflow III powder measure, the latest & most precise Powder Measure by RCBS. The Handloading manual Speer 15, Deburr tools, and other necessary items. To know more details about the rebel starting kits click here.

A few similarities between the kits are, that they exclude any type of case trimmer, bullet puller (eventually any reloader will make a mistake and will need a bullet puller), and case cleaning tumbler.

RCBS Rebel VS Rock Chucker Supreme in Summery

Rebel PressRock Chucker
Larger Case Opening and operational spaceCase opening is a little less (only 0.4 inches)
It has more material to it making it heavier and a wider base to make it more stableIt has standard stability and almost equal durability but with less weight
Lubricating the ram is easier with zerk fittings.Little disassembling is required for lubrication.
Has a wide flat base around the case holder making it easier to operate cases.Small and multileveled space, making it harder to clean spills.

Many of the features from the RCBS Rock Chucker Supreme have been added to the young Rebel Press. Some features like the on-press priming & how the spent primer exits the press have been removed or changed. But overall the Rebel is an amazing upgrade that most precision reloaders will love to include in their collection. 


Do I need to buy the Rebel Press even if I have the rock chucker?

If you are already using the RCBS Rock Chucker Supreme then buying the Rebel press is not going to be a big jump from where you are in terms of precision reloading or reloading quantity. But the standard deviation between the rounds will decrease giving more accurate shots.

Is the Rebel Press better than Rock Chucker?

In short yes. It is more stable, has a better standard deviation from the bullseye, and an excellent upgrade to the Rock chucker and it is a good upgrade. Read buyer reviews here.

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