Firsthand Detailed Dillon XL750 Review

If you are thinking of buying a Progressive Press then chances are that you use hundreds of rounds per session in the shooting range. Fun and productive but it can cost hundreds of dollars for those rounds. However, handloading can drastically reduce the cost. And the progressive press is the best option for bulk handloading.

There are other options like Hornady, RCBS & Lee. But today I’m here to introduce you to the new Dillon XL750 Progressive Press, which is one of the fastest progressive presses that produce reliable rounds, but it’s expensive too. And after reloading at least 6000 rounds, I will share my in-depth Dillon XL750 review.

Pros & Cons

Before the in-depth review, let’s take a quick tour of the advantages and disadvantages of this progressive press.


  1. Superior build quality and performance. Expect service for a lifetime.
  2. Lifetime warranty on the product.
  3. Excellent & efficient customer service.
  4. The slide bar system maintains the distance between the priming station and the stack of primers, making it safer.
  5. The older Dillon XL650 & XL750 has compatible tool head, conversion kit, and reloading dies.
  6. For easier lubrication, it has zerk fitting at the ram linkage pivots.
  7. Very detailed Owners Manual.


  1. Dillon XL750 is Expensive. The upgrade cost adds up to it.
  2. The tool head doesn’t have the flexibility you typically get with quick change bushing. As a result, it’s a little complicated to empty the power measure.

The Detailed Dillon XL750 Review!

The press is undeniably durable and performs smoothly once set up and lubricated. You can expect about 20,000 rounds with just one round of lubrication. It is also easy to lubricate the pivots due to the zerk fittings. and for lubricating the ram, I use the Eezox as it is an excellent dry lube, and does not attract leaked gun powder.

Dillon provides a lifetime warranty for their XL750, this proves their durability, and for any inconvenience, for whatever reason, their customer service is always there to support you.

A big upgrade from the previous XL650 is the priming system. In the XL650 the priming system was more like a dial telephone. Which could burst up all primers while seating but due to its rotating dial, it would also clean up the priming system of spilled gun powder. But the XL750 uses a slide bar to transport primers for priming and it is much safer than the dial system.

With all these features you would also expect a quick die change system, but that is one feature Dillon still do not provide and I bet all Dillon fan would love it.

Dillon xl750 review

But all these amazing features come at a high cost and if you plan to add case/ bullet feeders the cost is going to rack up well over $1000.

Overall the XL750 is an amazing press and can output 900+ rounds per hour when fully upgraded with a case & bullet feeder. But that’s going to cost you. 

Is It Worth The Price?

This machine will last a lifetime, so eventually, it will pay off its price. But all progressive press does that. But what’s unique is its consistency in the round produced. Once you set the dies it will not deviate from your expectations.

No part of the Dillon XL750 breaks or bends but you may eventually need to change some parts due to wearing out and Dillon has you covered with their lifetime warranty.

You will also be able to reload 900+ rounds an hour with consistency and you will end up shooting more per session in the range.

Primer feeding is almost 100% accurate and in my 6000 rounds, I had only 4 primers that did not set properly. But I’m not sure if Dillon is to be blamed there. The case feeding of XL750 is one of the smoothest on the market.

Finally, Dillon has been a trusted brand on the market for years among avid professional shooters for mass reloading. That in itself proves how its reliability.

Dillon XL750 Review Summary!

Even though expensive, I had a great time reloading with XL750. For the other presses, I had to tweak before I had a smooth & reliable progressive press (especially for the Lee Loadmaster), But Dillon was ready right off the box.

This press is meant for handloaders who are lazy, yet want tight grooves in the shooting ranges. All you have to make sure of are that the press has enough cases, projectiles, primers, powders & good strokes and you can reload while yawning. They even sell motors to do the stocking part for you.

Basically, you pay price for you being lazy.

Difference Between Dillon XL650 & XL750

  • The major difference is the way you prime on these presses.
  • XL750 weight more &
  • The indexing mechanism varies, but both presses index properly.


Dillon XL750 performs flawlessly without the upgrades and outputs about 500 rounds per hour, but if you upgrade by adding a case feeder and Bullet feeder you can reload 900+ rounds with this press. 

And the major upgrade is the addition of Mark 7 650/750 PRO Autodrive. to fully automate the handloading process. and produce up to 1500 rounds per hour. But this will cost you another $2000+.

Mark 7 650,750 PRO Autodrive for Dillon 750
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