Best Powder Scale for Reloading of 2024!

Looking for an accurate and fast digital powder scale for precision reloading? I might just be able to help you find the best powder scale for reloading within your budget. Below I have reviewed a few powder scales that I’ve used and chosen the best among them.

Best Powder Scale?

In my Honest Opinion, I believe Hornady’s Lock-N-Load Bench Scale is the best powder scale in terms of Precision and fast response. Closely competing is Frankford Arsenal’s Platinum Series Precision Scale.

Hornady’s Lock-N-Load Bench Scale

F.A. Platinum Series Precision Scale

best powder scale for reloading
Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Precision Reloading Scale

Read the detailed review of these and more powder scales in this article.

Hornady’s Lock-N-Load Bench Scale

The Hornady Lock-N-Load Bench Scale is quite simple and accurate, but expensive. It can measure up to 1500 grains with an accuracy of 0.1 grains. Has 2 calibrating weights, and works with a power outlet of 220V, a powder pan, and an enclosure for accurate payment.

The control functions

It has 4 functional buttons.

The Top Right Button: Changes the weight from Grams to Grains and vise-versa.

Bottom Right Button: Zeros the scale with some weight on it.

The Top Left Button: Switches on or off the measuring scale (device)

Bottom Left Button: calibrates the device; To calibrate the device follow the steps below.

  1. Before you begin calibrating, switch on the device and wait for 25 – 30 minutes; the device needs to be heated up as it will weigh differently at the beginning and once ready after heated up. (You can Test it yourself)
  2. Press and hold the “CAL” button – the device will make 2 beeping sounds – after a while, you will hear another beep sound and the LED will show 10.00 indicating you have to place the smaller of the calibrating weight.
  3. Place the small calibrating weight around the middle, press the “CAL” button again, and wait.
  4. With another “Beep!” sound the LCD will display 50.00, indicating to place the larger calibrating weight now.
  5. Remove the smaller weight and place the bigger one press on the “CAL” again and wait.
  6. The LCD will now display “PASS” and then 771.6 Grain.
  7. And then you are ready!!

Our Thoughts

Green Lit LCD
2 Calibrating Weight
Has built-in storage space for calibrating weights
Slanted Display
Have both battery and power options.
Warm-up takes approximately 30 minutes

Frankford Arsenal Powder Measure

Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Precision Scale

Next, we have the Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Precision Scale. Unboxing the durable storage case, you will receive a 110V power cord, a powder pan, a podium, a 220V Adapter, 2 * 50 grams calibrating weight, and of course, the measuring scale with a dust cover.

The scale is quite accurate and has a fast response time, with an auto-shutdown system of 180 seconds which can’t be turned off even if you are operating using the power plug. Can measure up to 1500 grains & has 4 measuring units: grams, grains, ounces & carats. With an accuracy of +/-0.1 grains or +/-.001 grams. In the case of power failure, It can be operated using 4 AAA batteries.

The control functions

It has 4 functioning buttons buttons

1st from the left is used for switching the powder measure On/OFF

2nd button from the left is used for calibrating – find out how to calibrate on the instructions provided.

3rd button from the left is to interchange between the measuring units and,

4th button from the left is the tare (or zero) function.

Back-Lit LED display
Has both battery and power options
All items come and can be stored in the storage box provided
Has 2 calibrating weight
Slanted display
Not very accurate, the measurement can vary even when weighing the same thing again and again.

Frankford Arsenal DS-750 Digital Reloading Scale

This is a small reloading scale with 5 buttons! Its features include a blue LED display and a 2 AAA battery operated with a 60-second auto turnoff system, it can measure in grains, grams, ounces & carats. In the package, it includes a powder pan, 1 calibration weight, and a carry case.

It takes about 30 seconds to warm up the measuring scale and 5 seconds to show increments in the LED display. It has a nice little pouch to carry all the parts in a small case.

The Control Functions

The center button is for On/OFF

The Top Right button is to zero the scale with weight on it.

The bottom Right button is to turn off/on the light of the display (to save batteries).

The Top Left Button is to calibrate the scale with the given calibration weight.

The Bottom Left Button changes the measuring unit to and from grains, grams carats & ounces.

1 Calibrating Weight
Small & Light
Has a nice compact carry pouch
Requires batteries
Accuracy Varies
Slow response, takes about 5 seconds

Dillion’s D-Terminator Electronic Scale

Next, we have Dillon’s D-Terminator Electronic Scale. In the package, you will receive a Powder pan, 4 AA batteries, a weight platform, an anti-static windshield, 100 grams calibration weight, an AC power cord, the digital scale, and of course instruction.  

I like the fact that you can run this measuring unit with both batteries and a power outlet. The display is back-lit and slanted, so you can read the display while seated down. It can measure up to 1500 grains with an accuracy of 0.1 grains. The attached windshield is anti-static and attached to the digital scale.

The Control Functions

It has 4 buttons and 1 lit LCD display,

The Top Right Button: switches on or off the digital scale.

Bottom Right Button: Zeros the scale with some weight on it.

The bottom Left Button: Changes the weight from Grams to Grains and vice versa.

The top Left Button: calibrates the device, you will find the instructions on how to calibrate in the box.

Back-Lit LCD display
1 Calibrating weight
Built-in storage to store the calibrating weight
Anti-static windshield
Slanted display
Need to warm up for about 30 minutes
Only 1 calibrating weight
Accuracy depends on how far the weight is from the center

Lyman Pocket Touch Digital Scale Set

This scale has no physical buttons and all touch buttons are in that tiny box. Uses a 2 AAA battery and measures up to 1500 grains or 100 grams. It claims it can measure up to 0.1 grains but usually gets it deviates from the exact weight by +/- 0.4 grains. The package includes 1 calibrating weight, powder scoop, Powder pan & the measuring scale.

The Control Functions

All functions are touch control, even the on/off switch. It has 3 on-screen buttons.

Left touch control: Switch the powder scale On/Off.

Right touch Control: Press and hold to calibrate the System & just press to interchange between grain and grams measurement.

Center Touch Control: Zeros the scale with weight on it.

Lyman powder Pal
1 calibrating weight
Small & portable
Need Batteries
Accuracy Varies

With that, I conclude the list for now. I will keep updating this list as I use more of the powder measures. But you will need a powder dropper as well. And for that look for my other article on best case activated powder measure.

Wondering how I choose the best powder scale for reloading?

There are a few factors you need to consider while choosing a powder scale. Your needs and budget are the top factors that usually narrow the type of powder measure you are going to choose.

Type of powder Scale: There are two types of powder scale. Balance Beam Powder Scale and a digital powder scale. Within the digital powder scales, there are 2 types, one that just measures powder (cost relatively low) and the second type which, dispenses and measures powder required for precision reloading. Both types of powder scales are accurate to 1/10th a grain. The digital powder scale is faster in showing results but may give inaccurate results of around +/- .4 grains depending on the scale. And in the long run of hand reloading, you will find out that the balance beam powder scale, even though accurate, is extremely slow.

Calibrating Weight: Some powder measures (Whether balanced beam or digital) come with 1 or more calibrating weights. In our experiments, we found that having 2 calibrating weights increases the accuracy of the powder scale. Digital powder scales can make a 3-point linear line graph for more stable powder measures (going too much into mathematics there).

Warm-up Time: In the case of an electronic powder scale, whether you are using a battery type or power plug type powder measure, each of them will measure differently after prolonged use because of the internal heat up of metals and chips.

Price: Some scales even though they belong to the same technological family can cost widely different. We want the best powder measure for reloading for the optimum price.

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