Best Gun Oil for Storage & Rust Prevention!!!

Since you are looking for the Best Gun Oil for Storage that means you know why you should oil guns before storage. Hence that is the last thing I’ll talk about in this article.

Gun Oils are designed for varieties of purposes. But here I’ll mostly focus on Gun Oils for storage. The main reason we need oil for storage is to prevent rust. And you should avoid heavy gun oils because they will usually leave a pool at the end and not do much off protection.

Keep in mind that oils can do a lot of things but they are usually good in any 1 or 2 sectors and not all. If you are looking for gun oil for cleaning then this article is not for you.

EEZOX Review – The Best Gun Oil for Storage


  1. Long Term Rust Protection.
  2. Dry Lube
  3. Does not collect dust
  4. Can be used on polymers
  5. Does not irritate the skin
  6. Cheap


  1. None

This is the best gun oil for Storage, lubrication, and cleaning, and you will get a gun that does not attract dust, does not have fingerprints, and looks as clean & good as new. And all this credit goes to its dry-type Oil CLP. Being a dry-type, discourses dirt buildup.

It protects the firearm even though the oil evaporates with very simple technology, this gun oil is simply denser than water which is why it sinks and displaces water, removing one of the key components for rusting. And with that alone, it can protect firearms for as long as 5 years in indoor conditions.

This synthetic oil can be used on polymer, leather, plastic, and finishes of the firearm. On top of that, it does not irritate when in contact with the skin. And all these much-desired qualities do not come at a high price as anyone would expect, making it affordable.

Whether carbon fouling or copper fouling, Eezox is just the best at cleaning any fouling buildup. The cleaning session is quick and easy with gun cleaning tools. 

best gun oil for storage.

I have really tried to find some negative points for this Eezox review, but I failed. And I was convinced that this is the Best Gun Oil for Storage, lubrication & cleaning. And keeping it clean after the dry oil evaporates to keep that shiny new look.

CorrosionX Review


  1. Long-lasting rust prevention.
  2. Do not slide down towards the lower parts.
  3. Easy to apply.
  4. Resists washout and self-heals.
  5. Do not dry, harden or crack
  6. Can be used on electronics.


  1. Expensive
  2. Forms a brown film, looks disgusting.
  3. Hard to wash out.

By far, the longest-running experiment I’ve is with Corrosion X. I coated one of my Ruger GP100 with Corrosion X HD in 2019 august and it has yet to show any hint of rust.

The liquid is viscous which is why it does not slide and accommodate. Being in a pressurized spray bottle it becomes easy to apply and if you miss any spot, no need to worry, the self-healing property will get those parts for you.

It is highly resistant to extreme temperature changes, does not dry off or evaporate in direct sunlight or high heat. And also does not freeze in winter. And it can be used on electronics without worrying about short-circuits.

But the worst thing about this long-term rust protection solution is its presentation. The CorrosionX leaves a brown film on the coated material which is the protective barrier against corrosion, which itself looks like rust. But keep in mind that’s not rust, that’s CorrotionX protecting your firearm. 

CorrosionX Review

But all these amazing qualities come at a price, but I think it’s worth every penny to save your beloved firearms. But it can become irritating while cleaning this viscous rust inhibitor. But that’s about it, it’s one of the best gun oil for storage.

Hoppe’s Gun Oil Weatherguard Review


  1. Good Cleaning 
  2. Readily available.
  3. Mediocre lubricating agent.


  1. Flammable
  2. Toxic
  3. Not for long-term storage.

Well Hoppe’s family of products, whether normal gun oil or the Weathergurad is not meant for gun storage. Hoppe’s are more of a gun cleaning solvent than and but rust prevention is not something it’s best at. But everyday use will prevent rust.

Besides, Hoppe’s oils are toxic and flammable, neither of which should be kept unintended. In my Honest Opinion, I would recommend you to avoid this product if you want to protect your firearm from rusting when left unattended for any duration of time.

Hoppe's Gun Oil Review.

Mobil 1 Synthetic Oil Review


  1. Excellent medium term corrosion protection
  2. Extreme temperatures have no effect.
  3. No pungent smell.
  4. Excellent lubrication agent
  5. Cheap.


  1. Not a very good cleaning solution.

Mobil 1 synthetic oil as a gun oil is a very controversial topic, some say it’s one of the best, others argue that it’s not made for guns. But, thinking logically, Mobil 1 – which is made for car engines, which has lots of moving parts in extremely high temperatures, and removes carbon buildup when used in excess.

With that and all my experience with shooting in mind, I’ve never found that any gun that ever reached a temperature even close to a combustion engine, which means, in terms of lubricating the moving parts of your firearm, it will not underperform any branded gun oils.

But removing carbon buildup is a different issue because the combustion engine is submerged in engine oil which we do not do for guns, but when I tried to clean my barrel with a bore brush dipped in Mobil 1 synthetic oil, it removed the burnt carbons on per with other renowned gun oils.

Mobil-1 Review.

Finally, the reason we are here for, protecting the firearm from rusting. This feature is not well known or advertised, but it is one of Mobil 1’s basic features and it actually protects iron or steel from rusting for a medium length of time. 

I have used Mobil 1 synthetic Oil 5W-30 as a rust inhibitor and after concluding the experiment for 2 months, I found no hints of rust on my firearm. But currently, I’m conducting the same test with one of my damaged rifle barrels to find out how long does Mobil 1 synthetic oil will protect the damaged rifle barrel from rusting, in indoor conditions.

Ballistol Review 


  1. CLP Oil
  2. Cleans dirt well


  1. Awful earthy smell.
  2. Extremely Flammable and toxic
  3. False Advertising
  4. Freezes in cold temperature.
  5. Evaporates with high temperature.

Ballistol is a product from Germany and it has circulated some false advertising indicating it is good for pets and leather.

The first thing you will notice with this aerosol is the pungent smell, the first indication to make you wonder if it’s actually good for your pet. Then the label reads “extremely flammable and toxic” which was enough for me to not apply on any leather let alone my pets.

But we are here for storage and rust prevention, not pet care! After coating my rifle barrel with Ballistol, it performed relatively well. Cleaned, Lubed, and protected my firearm (in indoor conditions), but the rust inhibition feature did not last even 2 full weeks. There were signs of rust by mid of 2 weeks. And it got worse in temperature extremes, this aerosol gun oil freezes in cold temperatures, and in high heat (expected in semi-automatic rifle and pistol), it burns and leaves a black residue. Which lead me to think if it actually creates more black residues than it cleans;

ballistol review.

Cleaning is the only thing this oil is good for. Avoid this CLP, if your goal is for long-term storage because it won’t protect your firearm even for 2 weeks in indoor controlled temperature and humidity.

ALG Go -Juice Review.


  1. Good medium-term rust protection
  2. Do not freeze at cold temperatures.
  3. Do not boil or evaporate in high heat.
  4. Nature-friendly product.
  5. Does not have a strong smell.


  1. Very light
  2. Runs down the barrel

The ALG Go-Juice will protect your gun from corrosion quite well for a minimum of 3 months when kept in a gun safe, indoors. But being such a thin and light liquid the protection period varies, i.e. it thickens in the cold weather conditions making it last longer and becomes even lighter in warmer seasons.

This varying protection period is because it slowly travels and accumulates towards the bottom parts that point downward, leaving the top parts exposed to the natural elements. But that’s the only flaw I have found practically.

Even though it is a very light oil, it does not easily boil or evaporate when heated, proving its heat resistivity, but heating does decrease its viscosity slightly. Same for the winters, Go-juice does not freeze even in extremely cold temperatures.

ALG Go-Juice Review.

To take a step further, the Go-Juice is a biodegradable product making it easier to dispose of and not worry about ruining nature.

Strike Hold Review.


  1. Fair rust prevention for short-term storage
  2. Cleans and lubes well
  3. Can be used on varieties of things


  1. Relatively Expensive
  2. Smells awful

The Strike hold is like an all-in-one solution type of gun oil. And it will easily protect your gun from corrosion for 3 months. But you will need to protect the firearm from natural elements, i.e keep it in a gun safe. In case it is left on the wall for decoration the rust prevention coating will not last a month.

It’s best for cleaning and it can clean a variety of things from leather all the way to electronics but when it comes to rust prevention it is not one of the best in the market.

The spray nozzle can be used for general coating, but to properly coat your firearm you will need a napkin or cloth to rub it in. So carefully coat all parts of firearms, because any spot which did not get at least one coat of Strike-hold will begin to rust and could be too late before you notice.

Strike-Hold is best for cleaning and not for rust protection. And it is best used on electronics, but can be used on guns.

Strike Hold Review.

LPS 3 Rust Inhibitor Reviews.


  1. Medium-term rust protection.
  2. Penetrates and removes moisture.
  3. A soft film that does not break on impact.
  4. Safe for all metals, wood, plastic & rubber.


  1. Leaves a waxy film.
  2. Rubbing causes the waxy film to be removed.

The LPS 3 Rust Inhibitor is amazing in protecting firearms from any corrosion. And it can easily protect the firearms for 2 years when kept indoors and at least 8 months outside under a shade. 

When applied to a metal, it forms a waxy layer above the metal which completely blocks the natural elements from reaching the firearms. This waxy film is soft and stays in shape without hardening the wax. To top this off this waxy layer does not freeze at low temperatures or evaporate under direct sunlight.

But remember this is a long-term storage solution, and you will need to clean off that waxy layer when you want to use your firearm again using LPS PreSolve or any other grease remover.

But my main problem was coating the inside of the rifle barrel, and I was never sure if I got the waxy coat throughout. And cleaning the inside was pretty nasty and took me at least 3 clean bore snakes.

LPS 3 Rust Inhibitor Review.

But this LPS 3 Rust Inhibitor had one flaw, which I discovered while transporting it from my hand to the vase. And it immediately realized I’ll need to place it on the storage rack and then spray LPS 3. Or else the protective waxy layer will break letting the protection. 

In my opinion, applying this will definitely protect my firearm from rusting but reaching inside the barrel was a tougher task. Hence not the optimum solution I was looking for.

Mossy Oak Gun Oil Review


  1. CLP Gun Oil
  2. Can be used on wood, plastic, and polymer.
  3. Resistant to temperature change


  1. Toxic
  2. Need to be used in a well-ventilated area.
  3. Prolong contact with the skin will cause irritation.

The Mossy Oak Gun Oil is a trusted gun oil by many gun owners and was the first gun oil for storage that I tested, yet it’s this down the list. This Mossy Oak Gun Oil cleans, lubricates & protects your gun from corrosion, just like a good gun oil must. But it is a general CLP. And it does the job exceptionally well.

It has versatile use and is highly resistant to temperature change. I have tested it in snow and in hot summer and it stood well. The manufacturer guarantees a wide range of temperatures -65oF to 400oF but I did not go that extreme.

This gun oil is manufactured with a mix of petroleum-based components, which is volatile. It is mildly toxic and contains petroleum-based compounds, which is why you will need to use it in a ventilated area to avoid suffocation and fire (extreme case only). And that is also a major reason why your skin may irritate hence using gloves is commanded.

Mossy Oak Review.

Alternative Options

Coating with gun oil is not the only safe way to store guns for a longer duration. There are other alternatives to gun oil. Some are more practical for pistols and some are for rifles. And you will need to choose the right alternative option if you want to go for something else. 

I can only point you in the right direction, but before that, you must understand why and how iron and steel rust.

How does iron rust?

The process of Rusting is basically Iron mixing with Oxygen in the presence of water

Iron + Oxygen + Water = Rust

If you leave the iron in the open air it rusts because of humidity (a gaseous form of water). Hence, if we remove one of the elements from the equation, rusting can be prevented. Iron and Oxygen can’t be removed with simple methods we have at home but water can be removed easily. And the simple and (probably) cheapest is using silica.

Alternate 1 – Silica Gel Sachets

The silica gel absorbs humidity from the air and retains within, making the area dry. And by drying the air we remove water from the equation. 

To get 100% efficiency you will also need to enclose the area completely. Something like an Air-tight Gun safe of ziplock bags.

Silica Gel for rust prevention

Alternate 2 – VCI Paper

The VCI (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor) Paper also protects metals from corroding, but they use different technology. The VCI paper does not absorb moisture but blocks the moisture from penetrating the metal by covering the metal with a chemical present within the VCI Paper.

But unlike a perfect world, the chemical present in the VCI paper eventually fades leaving the metal unprotected. But it will take at least 2 years for that.

VCI Paper for rust prevention

Is an Alternative solution feasible?

Well, silica gel by itself is enough, given that you enclose it in an air-tight place.

But if you want to go even further then you can cover your pistol with VCI Paper, place it in an air-tight space, and then through in some silica gel sachets. With these, you should be set for at least 2 years with no worries but unofficially it will last at least 5 years.

Which is the Right Choice For You?

It actually depends on how long are you planning to store your gun away. 

Can be for a short holiday trip (1 week – 1 month), in that case, your best option is ‘strike hold’ because it’s cheap and will easily protect your firearm for this duration. And you will not have to worry about rust. But if you are planning to spice up your trip and increase the duration, make sure it’s less than 3 months.

If you plan to leave for 2 months or maybe a year, mobile 1 is an excellent option, easy to use, and easy to remove when you may need the firearm again.

But if you are not sure when you are going to return, then going for the maximum protection is ideal and for that, the only options are CorrosionX & EEZOX. Even though CorrosionX provides superior protection against rust, you will need to thoroughly clean off the waxy layer before using the firearm. 

And EEZOX can be used for any and all types of rust protection systems. Short, medium, or long, Eezox has got your back and with its dry lube technology, it keeps the gun looking new without being a dust collector. In my Honest Opinion, Eezox is an excellent product and probably the best at keeping corrosion at bay even if it costs a bit higher.

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